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Choosing the Right Pair of Men's Dress Socks


When it comes to clothing, many men do not pay a lot of attention to socks. You are obviously wearing a pair of socks every day. However, how much time or research do you devote to socks before purchasing a pair?


There are different types of socks in the market. The socks are available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. You can virtually find a pair of socks that will be right for any footwear or clothes you are wearing. Unlike what many people think, finding a good pair of men's socks is actually simple. Read on for an overview of what to consider when purchasing socks. All of your question about men's dress socks will be answered when you click the subscription service.


What Fabric Should You Choose?

The best fabric to go for will depend on the reason for buying the socks. Here are some common socks fabrics:


i) Cotton

Cotton is commonly used to make men socks and is popular for its easy maintenance. The materials is also relatively inexpensive and light. Most men's dress socks are made of cotton. However, cotton is light and hence not as strong as wool. To improve its strength, manufacturers usually mix it with nylon or lycra. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the colorful socks.


One of the disadvantages of cotton socks is that they wear out quickly since they are naturally thinner. The socks are therefore not ideal for wearing on a regular basis.


ii) Cashmere

If you are concerned about luxury, the material you will want to go for is cashmere. While less thick than wool, Cashmere is warmer. However, the luxury material is also expensive and requires more maintenance than most textiles.


iii) Wool

Woolen socks have been in the market since time immemorial. These socks are soft, warm and quite affordable. The socks have an edge over silk and cotton when it comes to durability. Apart from this, they are arguably the best types of socks to keep your feet warm during the cold months.


Which Colors Should You Choose?

When it comes to color, there is no need to sweat about it. You can go as conservative or as wild as you would like with colors. The rules are pretty simple: for formal wear, choose darker hues. For any other wear, go with any color.


The colors you choose can express your personality. If you are bubbly and like fun, bright striking colors such as oranges, yellows and light greens will be great.


The above is a guide on how to find the right men's socks for you.