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How to Wear Dress Socks to Look Fashionable


Socks are not often regarded as being an important part of the outfit for anyone. This is a mistake that is commonly made. There aren't tons of rules when it comes to picking out socks that go with an outfit, but there are a few that definitely need to be followed. Many men wear socks all the time because they need them for daily wear, but also for fashionable wear. Certain socks are meant to be worn at certain times. This article is going to help you learn a little more about the important ways to match the socks with all types of outfits. Be excited to our most important info about fun socks.


The color of socks that you choose should be able to compliment your pants well. If you can match them perfectly, this is the best way to make sure that they look the part. A lot of people think that socks should match the shoes, but this is not true. For instance, if you are wearing khaki pants, you should try to wear khaki socks. This will imply a longer leg and more fluidity with the outfit overall, which is what makes an outfit look put together.


Something important to remember is that white socks should not be worn with dress shoes. This is a mistake that many people make, but it is inappropriate for almost any occasion that would require you to dress formally. White cotton socks are meant to be worn for exercise or even lounging about the home, but never in a business or formal environment. People do notice your socks when you sit down or when you cross your legs, so you have to make sure that you are wearing the right type of socks or people will see that you don't really know what you are doing. Learn the most important lesson about sublimated socks.


If you wear dress shoes, you need to be wearing dress socks as well. It is important to wear dress socks that you can pull up to create a smoothing effect. You should never wear dress socks pushed down around your ankle because it will make the socks look lumpy and make your ankle look a lot larger than the rest of your leg. In addition to this, it simply looks sloppy.


If you are someone that wears socks often, you will need to replace them more often. The rule of thumb is often six to eight months, but some people need to replace their socks more often than this. A sign that you need to replace your socks is if they are starting to thin out, but you should especially replace them if they have holes. Socks with visible holes should never be worn because they imply negligence.